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Battlefield Las Vegas has full auto Romanians that keep ticking after abuse. This 7. If more American shooters were famoliar with ‘real’ AKs like Century RI3321N WARS-10 UF Semi-Automatic 7. Romanian AK47 WASR 10 Under Folding Rifle, 762x39 semi auto, Atlantic Firearms Exclusive. I have a WASR-10, and a Draco. WASR-10 AK-47 central! Everything about the WASR-10 and lots of general AK stuff. 5” barrel with a slant muzzle brake and the extremely popular underfolding stock. We are constantly receiving requests for additional configurations and the underfolder allows us to provide a fun, compact option for AK and WASR enthusiasts,” Jason Karvois, Century’s sales director, said in a presser. 62 X 39, as of now I have 2 AK paltforms, both being the typical AK-47. HOW TO REGISTER AND GET APPROVED FOR THE FORUM 1. It's the The Romanian WASR-10 AK-47 comes fit w/ a military style wood stock, a wooden handguard, and forearm. Arsenal of Fleet Farm has GP WASR-10s on sale. nice matching numbers gun. 25" 30+1 Folding Steel Black Stk Black Be the first to review this product CIA RI3321N WASR-10UF 762X39 This rifle is as new in box. Some AK's that cost twice as much often choke in that torture test. info@g4gusa. 07-22-2017, 04:28 PM #12. The barrels for the turkey and waterfowl shotgun are overbored to 10 gauge bore dimensions. A normal WASR going for around $500 $800 trade value is just too much. Unlike other backbored brand barrels, this unique design spans the entire length of the barrel, providing a gas cushion in for the shot charge. Check out our AK-only store to buy selected AK-47 parts and accessories at the best prices on the web. I'm selling my WASR10 Underfolder. The underfolding stock makes this rifle perfect for on-the-go and survival use enabling the user to have a compact platform. Firing a tactical AK-47 or an AK-74 compatible rifle is truly something else. 62x39mm caliber rifle, milled and forged receiver, chrome lined hammer forged barrel, 14x1mm muzzle left-hand threads, muzzle nut, bayonet / accessory lug, reinforced under-folding buttstock, black polymer pistol grip and handguards, stainless steel heat shield, cleaning rod, one 10-round magazine (accepts any mil Write a customer review. 62X39mm $799. Very accurate with Irons and no stock. Made by Romarm-Cugir, Century was able to bring a limited run of WASR UF models into the country. Century Arms GP WASR-10 AK Semi-automatic 7. New posts New review items New media Latest activity. 5" Pistol-Length 7. Century Arms AK 47 WASR 10 Rifle, 7. 62X39mm 16. 62x39 1970 dated rifle. according to a review by the Center for Public Integrity, InSight, the  Aug 23, 2018 Made by Romarm-Cugir, Century was able to bring a limited run of WASR UF models into the country. My first Kalashnakov was a WASR 10. (Firearms ship to FFL only. The part of the body just beside the adjusting screw (where the body is thinnest) bent under hand pressure of me trying to turn the screw with the T-bar. Century Arms GPWASR-10/63 Romanian AK-47 7. 65 kit runs for. 25" Barrel, 10+1 Rounds available at a great price in our Semi-Automatic collection to install an uf on your rifle you would need an uf,rear trunnion and rivets then you would have to weld up the orig rivet holes and drill new ones its alot of work for a wasr hope this helps you alittle Century Arms WASR-10 AK-47. Not too bad for the price, considering you can inspect and hand pick. plus a standard pattern stamped receiver means you don't have to buy special stocks like for a milled, or yugo pattern if you decide to addon to the gun. Follow Directions: Many accounts are deleted simply because the person registering didn't follow directions during the registration process. . The WASR-10 is imported with a single-stack mag well, but otherwise is the same, except they do have threaded barrels but with a muzzle nut tack welded on in place. 62x39mm. A California legal WASR 10/63 UF just sold on the AK Forum for $750. If it's your first AK, I wouldn't recommend. Buy a WASR 10 online. Need a high quality 100% completed receiver to build one of our parts kits up? We now sell a limited assortment of 100% complete receivers as well as an assortment of flats for those who prefer to build their own receiver. This ubiquitous weapon is a semi-automatic AK47 / AKM clone for those who don't already know. CATALOG A3105. Loud. WASR 10/63’s are GREAT AFFORDABLE AK Firearms, and I am more than impressed with their accuracy, flawless reliability, and over all solid feel. 9. If the FFL is not on file it will often take additional time to ship. AK47 - WASR 10 - 7. 25" 30+1 Folding Steel Black Stk Black The WASR-10 Underfolder is one of our most sought-after Romanian import AK-pattern rifles. 25" barrel and underfolding metal buttstock. 62x39mm semi auto rifle features a 16. “The WASR has always been a popular model for Century. You might also like. Does NOT include cleaning rod. Ruger Wrangler . The UF comes with 1 tapco 30 rd mag, 3 steel 30 rd mags, bayonet/scabbard, mag pouch, and oil bottle. (Review) Arsenal SAM7UF this as expected, had perfectly straight sights and the UF stock locked up nice and tight. Wasr-10 Uf-ak47 Rifle Modeled from the underfolding rifle used by Romanian special mountain forces in the densely forested regions of the Carpati Mountains, our GP WASR-10 UF is destined to become one of the “must have” rifles on your trips to the range. . 62x39 30rd MANUFACTURERCentury International Arms MPN RI3321N Enter your email address to receive special offers from Century Arms Looking for a WASR10 For Sale? Quickly Find an in stock WASR10 for Sale at over 1600 Stores, Auctions, and Classifieds in one click! Get the Best Price! Please, do point me in the direction of a $639 new WASR 10 underfolder, because by the this sub's definition of a deal, this is a deal. 469-322-0295. com The WASR-10 Underfolder is one of our most sought-after Romanian import AK-pattern rifles. 5" 10+1 Polymer Pink Camo Stock Pink Camo/Black. Its #3 in line for SBR behind my MP5, and POF 11. Tel: 855-303-GUNS (4867) Web: www. Century International Arms GP WASR-10 Underfolder rifle 7. Northeastern Firearms Online Review Latest Inventory. Romanian AKM Underfolder WASR 10/63 UF. 62x39mm 16. Muzzle flip. Alright so I traded my mini 14 this weekend for a WASR 10/63 UF and 400 rounds of 7. Go here to create an account an enjoy the benefits of membership, including wish lists, notifications of products coming back into stock, saving shipping addresses and payment methods, notifications of sales, and special pricing. wasr 10/63 1970, wasr 10/63 uf review, wasr 10/63 underfolder for sale, wasr underfolder, wasr underfolder review. GP WASR-10. The year you see on your front trunnion was from the rifle that it came off of. It arrived late last week and I haven’t shot it yet. 0 Comments. AK47 clone AK63D from Century Arms Review. I TOO am a fan of the 7. com. The WASR-10 Underfolder is one of our most sought-after Romanian import AK-pattern rifles. 62X39 UNDERFOLDER 30RD. ” Now that they typically cost $550 to $600, One AK-47 tat di not make your review is the new Kalashnikov USA AK-47 The 935 Waterfowl/Turkey combo. All of these rifles do come in with foreign made/original trigger groups, which are replaced with US made ones after import, when the PG and military stock are added. 62x39mm 16in 10rd Black Underfolder Free shipping on firearms! Order online or call today! WASR 10 Shootout / Accuracy Test SHOCKER! Eat that WASR haters! #mightyWASR In your opinion is the stamped DDI worth the extra $150. I love my WASR 10 Debating whether to get another AK platform rifle like this Wasr 10 UF (as a beater plinker) or an an SLR GP WASR-10 Under Folder Figure 1: GP WASR-10 Underfolder With Standard Double Stack AK Magazine. Century RI3321N WARS-10 UF Semi-Automatic 7. These rifles are similar to the rifles Cugir WASR 10 Underfolder Review. No problem today getting combat accurate groups at 100 yards with open iron sights. It's butt ugly and goes bang. Please look here for shotguns, pistols, revolvers, rifles, and muzzleloaders. 25" 30+1 Folding Steel Black Stk Black Notice: Undefined index: length_seconds in /var/www/html/acuportland. $650. Imported by CAI. With the stock folded the rifle becomes very compact and perfect for hiking, home defense or a truck gun. First impressions: - This is a utilitarian rifle. Create Account. See Detail Online And Read Customers Reviews Rifle Romanian Kalashnikov Rifles prices throughout the online source See people who buy "Rifle Romanian Kalashnikov Rifles" Make sure the store keep your personal information private before you buy Rifle Romanian Kalashnikov Rifles Make sure you can proceed credit card online to buyRifle Romanian Kalashnikov Rifles and also the Sure is man. Just got back from the range with my WASR 10/63 UF. I thought about it for a day and went with the WASR and haven’t looked back. Gun Details For the purpose of this review, I requested a test sample of Century’s GP WASR-10. 25 Inch 30Rds online and save. Read More Located in Rock Hill, SC. It shoots better than the DDI also. 5-inch hammer My Vepr thumbhole was slick as glass new and puts some AR15 rifles to shame on paper. Find the best price from the selection of more than 100 stores | WikiArms. Modeled after the Romanian standard Model 63 and 65 underfolder AK series rifles but without the distinctive front vertical grip of those Buy at this store. Jan 14, 2019 With its underfolding stock leading the way, the Century Arms WASR 10 Underfolder AK-pattern rifle is a collector's dream and fun as hell on . CENT ROMANIAN WASR-10 AK 7. 59. Full review of the Romanian Cugir WASR-10 UF rifle where we do some shooting, discuss its features, price, and what I think of it overall. Differences between the 10/63 and 10 are the parts used. I have a new WASR-10, being new I suppose the front sight could be a little tight. com/2010/05/don-gammill-jr/gun-review-century-arms-wasr-10- romanian-ak/  Aug 22, 2018 The weather has finally complied and I was able to get out this morning and do a little review on the Atlantic Firearms WAS-10UF. It was exactly what I expected: a little rough around the edges but, for AK enthusiasts like myself, a pleasure to handle and examine. I even got a compliment on it today. As with other imports by them that I have examined, their markings were done most tastefully and did not detract at all from the overall appearance of this rifle. CUGIR factory Romanian. I'd never even seen an ak style rifle in person so I wanted to familiarize myself with the design, plus i was tired of shooting . Century Arms WASR-10 UF 7. Buy a WASR while you still can. drgunsupply. Its a nice place and we have a large re-purposed "gong" from a dozer that is a pleasure to shoot. CIA RI3321N WASR-10UF 762X39 RIFLE UNDERFOLDER. 62x39 Semi-Auto Hi-Cap Rifle w/ Phoenix Technology Stock FFL must be registered and on file. There’s nothing wrong with that, my first semi-automatic rifle was a Romanian WASR-10. After import, Century Arms offered WASR rifles modified to accept double-stack, standard-capacity magazines (machining burrs on the magazine well may cause some magazines to fit improperly if the burrs are not rem Romanian AK-47 WASR-10UF 7. AK-47 for sale cheap, get AK 47 rifle as low as $510. Chambered in 7. Based on a design for Romanian military ranger teams, the WASR-UF is quite the versatile piece. php on line 0 acuportland. These are a great economical NEW imported rifles from Romania. If you can get a wasr in the 500-600 range go for it, if you are going to pony up around a grand there are better choices, either a built gun from a Romanian GP-WASR 10/63 7. I say Atlantic  May 21, 2010 What makes an AK-47 a WASR-10, you ask? Check out William Montgomery's TTAG article for the broader AK story. According to Arsenal, the rifle made an brief appearance as the SAS M-7 rifle in a limited run. Includes 1 30rd mag . 62x39mm, 16. 00 over the newer WASR’s The rifle I purchased was a Romanian production WASR-10/63 imported by Century Arms stamped as having been produced in 1985. The underfolding stock makes this rifle perfect for on-the-go and survival use, Click for more info Arsenal Inc SAM7UF-85 SAM7 UF AK-47 Rifle 7. ) Great article. While retaining the look of a standard M4 upper, the KS-47 G2 Pat Cascio’s Product Review: Inter Ordnance “AK-47” Hugh James Latimer April 13, 2015 April 13, 2015 As many SurvivalBlog readers will remember, I’ve reviewed several AK-47 type rifles in the past; some were better than others. The quality of an Arsenal (similar quality to newly made military AKs) stands in shocking contrast to most WASR-10s and Century parts guns. The Wassenaar Arrangement Semi-automatic Rifles are a line of assault weapons The WASR-10 was used to kill 22 people in the 2019 El Paso shooting. Forums > Long Gun Talk > AK Description: NIB unfired Romanian WASR 10/63 underfolder. Its an all around sweet AK with only minor signs of use. Standard stock is $399. The Underfolder is $439. 5" AR. Quit being a SNOB if you own anything you feel is fancier, at the end of the day these will go down in history as cheap, reliable, and just as accurate than any $700-1200 AK. 1776 United shirts That about sums up the GP WASR-10/63, and, effectively, the AKM(N) and Pm. We will have wormraper fixed up pretty quickly this week when the office re opens . Wasr-10 Uf-ak47 Rifle At the risk of beating a dead horse, I am going to do a review of my WASR 10/63. With the AK47 Import market declining in offerings and requests from our Clients for new imports growing, Atlantic worked with Century Arms to have Romarm / Cugir build a limited run of the WASR UF models for the US. First impressions: I heard good things about the recent WASR 10s being well finished and straight so that is what put me over the edge to order the rarer UF variant. 62x39mm with 30 round magazines, 16. 1. I recently acquired one for nearly what a md. Welcome to Jake's Gun Reviews. Write your own review using the form below (required fields). WASR, they shoot even with crocked sights. GP WASR 10/63 UF. In other words, AK-47 and AK-74 compatible rifles are for sale at Tombstone Tactical. These shooters are part of the earlier group mentioned, those in love with the idea of an AK rifle. CLICK PHOTO FOR LARGER IMAGE. 62x39 mm AKM rifle configured with a fixed laminated stock and a laminated forend. Shipping to your FFL will be extra. My max price when looking for one was $700, but I /really/ wanted it. It's definitely a VERY fun gun, and I love mine and won't get rid of it. Also  Order the Century Arms GP WASR-10 Black / Wood 7. Details The Century International Arms WASR-10 is an AK47 style rifle imported from Hungary as a parts kit and assembled in the United States of America. Modeled after the Romanian standard  Century Arms, GP/WASR10, Semi-automatic, 762X39, 17" Chrome Lined Barrel, Threaded Slant Brake, Blue Finish, Century Arms GP WASR10 AK47 Rifle 7. I recently was torn between a nice looking kit build Romanian and a WASR-10. 62x39mm semi auto , These are a great Economical NEW imported AK47 rifle from Romania. I purchased it because of its reputation for reliability, and because it looked cool as hell. The WASR 10-63 UF is my fav, a great shooter & very reliable. Arsenal announced the introduction of the SAM7UF rifle: an AK-style, under-folding rifle chambered in 7. 90. 62 x39mm Wood Stock (1) 30rd mag RI1805-N 11 Review(s) | Add Your Review. 16. However, this sight tool bent at the elbow on the first use. Read our review. They were originally made in Romania and imported by Century Arms Int. Comes with compensator, bayonet lug and one 10 round magazine. Just know what to look for like canted font sight and gas tube. Posts about WASR 10/63 UF written by Gear Reviews. Modeled from the underfolding rifle used by Romanian special mountain forces in the densely forested regions of the Carpati Mountains, our GP WASR-10 UF is destined to become one of the "must have" rifles on your trips to the range. Spartan765's YouTube Video Review of His WASR 10/63 Review by Buschmaster of his WASR 10/63 (pre Tapco G2 trigger) Good Video Review of Tapco, US Palm and Bulgarian Circle 10 Poly Magazines Romanian WASR-10 AK47 -- What to Look for when Buying One Video Directions for AK-47 Take Down (with inspiring USSR anthem in the background) CIA RI3321N WASR-10UF 762X39 RIFLE UNDERFOLDER Write a headline for your review here: Click the button below to add the Century RI3321N WARS-10 UF Semi A California legal WASR 10/63 UF just sold on the AK Forum for $750. Modeled from the underfolding rifle used by Romanian special mountain forces in the densely forested regions of the Carpati Mountains, the GP WASR-10 UF is very similar to the Romanian PM 65 underfolder but lacks the front grip. Factory-original rifles only support single-stack, low-capacity magazines (10-rounds). Questions? Northeastern Firearms Online Review Latest Inventory. The WASR also features a handy optic-mounting rail on the left side of the receiver. Ran like a top. SAM7UF-85 | SAM7UF model 7. 62×39mm caliber. it seems like they are roughly in the same price  Jul 15, 2018 WASR10 in Video Setup: M4 Stock Adapter (option with GL Core stock):  Review: WASR-10 Semi-Automatic Rifle. 5-inches overall while maintaining the 16. Chances are your rifle was put together within the last 10 years or so. Page 6- WASR 10 UF-AK47 Underfolder AK-47s. Sportsman's Guide has your Arsenal SAM7UF-85 Rifle, Semi-Automatic, 7. junker. Muzzle flash. 62x39mm POSP Scope Review GP WASR-10 (UF version available too), Cugir, $700, Import, PASS, Usually Stay tuned for BFLV review to see how it compares to a WASR on total life. Hungarian AMD 63 AK-47 Type 7. 0 Responses to “WASR 10/63 CIA RI3321N WASR-10UF 762X39 RIFLE UNDERFOLDER. It is a basic, bare-bones AKMN clone, and is probably one of the best deals as far as an AK variant goes in the United States. org-. Hasn't been fired. For many years, the Romanian WASR-10 was the go-to “cheap AK. Write a Review. 62x39mm semi auto rifle. Md. Make sure dealer takes shipment from a non-ffl. org/application/core/class-agcengine. Rob, I'm trying to decide between the ak63d or the wasr 10. Note 2 - This model does not come with the muzzle break or the bayonet lug. There are many great choices of modern defensive handguns available to us. com Made by Romarm-Cugir, Century was able to bring a limited run of WASR UF models into the country. WASR UF's aren't all that common these days. Showing 1-2 of 2 reviews I purchased these clips to fit my AK 47 Wasr 10 UF sling with leather tips. View Profile good luck with the WASR. Modeled after the Romanian standard Model 63 and 65 underfolder AK series rifles but without the distinctive front vertical grip of those guns, these rifles can be collapsed to just 25. SAVE Image info : Resolution:2048x1536 Size:460kB. hope you don’t mInd if I cut and paste most of your review into it:). This rifle also comes w/ a 30rd magazine. The underfolding stock makes this rifle perfect for on-the-go and survival use, enabling the user to have a compact platform. 62x39mm Used $700 *New* WASR-10 UF first "range" trip review The weather has finally complied and I was able to get out this morning and do a little review on the Atlantic Firearms WAS-10UF. The community has spoken! This listing been flagged as a scam. Folks we have shipped several hundred of the WASR 10 UF models out over the last 3 -4 months and this is the first time we have seen this problem occur. While not as "good" as other, more expensive AK variants, the WASR is definitely not a bad rifle by any means. PSA Gen2 KS-47 8. 63. Whether you're looking for an inexpensive entry into the world of AK shooting, or looking for your next fun project, the WASR-10 from Century International Arms is a great place to start. The importer, Century, brings them into the US and modifies them to comply with current ATF laws. It did take 2 weeks for delivery, so If you’re involved in the industry, you know what it means to own an AK-47. Remember flat rate 24 Reviews | 9 Questions, 54 Answers  Feb 3, 2011 WASR-10 produced by Century International Arms found repeatedly at . Rifle for sale is the bottom rifle in photo. No Related Products Found Need Help Deciding: New WASR 10 or RAS 47? This is a discussion on Need Help Deciding: New WASR 10 or RAS 47? within the Foreign forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Medved11, I think that you will like the WASR as a basic AK, the one that I got is growing on me. 62x39 at the local gun shop. This feature is only available for logged in users. 10/63's come with a new production receiver and barrel, but all the other parts usually come off a demilled military rifle. WASR 10 for sale and auction. I say Atlantic Firearms because I know they had to ask Century Arms and the Cugir factory to import/make them for us. com AX Tactical LLC produces high quality firearms for sportsmen, competition shooters and Law Enforcement. 7. 62×39. 62x39 Rifle Description: New in box Romanian GP-WASR 10/63 7. 62x39mm - semi auto - Kalashnikov . Modeled after the Romanian standard Model 63 and 65 underfolder AK series rifles but without the The WASR-10 Underfolder is one of our most sought-after Romanian import AK-pattern rifles. Guns for sale at BudsGunShop. An AKM underfolder. That being said, I’m not really interested in a ‘different platform’ for the caliber but it’s also not lost on me either. Here are some pictures of this new edition to the WASR-10 line of AK47s. The reloading aspect is very intriguing Depends on what you like. The WASR-10 is a post-ban version of the AKM rifle in 7. CAI AK-47 WASR-10/63 7. HURRY UP AND BUY EM WHILE YOU STILL CAN! Up for bids we have a sweet Romanian AK47 / wasr 10/63 in great condition. Enough of the talk lets get into the review. Springfield XD Forum. 223 and my target papers looking like i'd been shooting . 4947 Commercial Drive STE 2, Yorkville, NY 13495, USA Phone: 315-235-3051 Email: info@axtactical. Very very very different shooting experiences. This website has been created to help educate readers on particular firearms I happen to run across and have the chance to shoot both on a range and with a camera. Note - These are the original WASR-10 AK Hi-Cap rifles with Forged Trunions from Romania. So my test site was my parents house. It’s safe to say that these weapons are arguably the most famous firearms out there, and for good reason. For more information review our flagging policy. Sharp laminated wood. 62x39 1/10 Nitride 7" Lightweight M-Lok Upper With BCG Upper: The KS-47 G2 upper receiver is precision machined out of forged 7075 T6 aluminum, and then hard coat anodized for durability. You can get them on amazon my wasr did not come with a cleaning rod but i got one on amazon and it has great quality there are many online sources where you can get a cleaning rod i got one just for the looks to make the rifle look classic but i will be using a bore snake yo clean it is much easier and efficient you wont miss any spot with the bore snake and btw this rifle has a chrome lined Iraqi Contractor Wasr 10 Rifles From Atlantic Firearms Romanian Wasr-10 Review. These haven't been imported in ages so of course they're going to run more than the more common model (about $650-$700 given the current market). Look what Robski at AKOU on Youtube put a WASR 10/63 through and it still runs great. The WASR is the most recommended AK in it's price range for a reason. By Anthony Yeary. 22s all day. 62x39mm Rifle With Wood Stock : WASR 10 /Customer Experience: November 7, 2012 Was this review helpful to you? Threads Tagged with romanian wasr-10 review How does WASR 10/63 differ from run of mill WASR 10? newb WASR 10/63 UF accident. 22lr $249 Sig Sauer P220 10mm Kryptek Banshee $1000 Romanian WASR-10 7. Now that you're back,  Jul 23, 2015 WASR-10 UF - Romanian Underfolder AKM. Thread starter papster; Start date Jun 19, I have a nice wasr up for grabs. Features 16 inch chrome lined hammer forged barrel with removable flash hider/brake, side mount scope rail for mounting optics, and a nice quality wood stock set. This firearm features a pistol grip, slash angled flash suppressor and comes with a underfolding stalk and 2_30 round and 1_50 round magazines. 62x39 Rifle The Century International Arms GP WASR-10 is a semi-automatic only rendition of the famous 7. wasr 10 uf review

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